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BlackTip Vacuum Bulkhead

BlackTip Vacuum Bulkhead

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Dive with complete confidence thanks to our new BlackTip Vacuum Bulkhead. This accessory allows you to check for any failures in your BlackTip's tube and tail seals - before ever getting your scooter wet! Divers are free to leave this bulkhead on their BlackTips while diving, and can even dive while under vacuum if desired. More unique features include:

  • All-aluminum Construction
  • Neutral & Trim
  • Built-in Accessory/GoPro Mount Point
  • External Pressure Release Port Plug
  • Analog Pressure Gauge
  • Built-in Weight Compartments for Fine-Tuning Balance
  • Handheld Vacuum Pump Included
  • Built-in Handle for Easy Removal
  • Extra BlackTip Strap Included to Accommodate Longer Body
  • Doubles as a Soup or Cereal Bowl in a Pinch!

This bulkhead draws a vacuum from within the scooter body, eliminating additional possible points of failure. This does mean that the seal between the bulkhead and your BlackTip's nose will not be able to be checked along with the rest of your scooter, but rest easy knowing any possible leaks from this point will be caught by the bulkhead before it can affect your batteries or electronics.

Read the user guide here!

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